• Identify, coordinate in a research network and support the existing research teams, in the field of biotechnology;
  • Contribute to the promotion of research in applied biotechnology in agriculture, fishing, aquaculture, human and animal health, food and environment
  • Provide a dynamic, continuous training for researchers and support staff in biotechnology related fields (conferences, seminars, workshops, PhD scholarships ...)
  • Contribute to the elaboration and execution of national research programs in biotechnology;
  • Encourage the creation of teams and/ or joint laboratories and contribute to strengthening co-operation with national and/or international partners
  • Valorize and disseminate biotechnology research results (publications, patents...)
  • Contribute to the development and harmonization of legislation pertaining to bioethics, biosecurity and reference standards
  • Provide scientific and technological intelligence related to biotechnology.
  • Ensure security intelligence related to environment.
  • Contribute to the examination and evaluation of applications for accreditation and/or permission to market and/or the voluntary dissemination of genetically modified organisms;
  • Strive for the establishment of a scientific database in biotechnology.



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  • Tel: +213 (31) 77 50 37/39
  • Fax: +213 (31) 77 50 36
  • Address: Centre de Recherche en Biotechnologie Ali Mendjli Nouvelle Ville UV 03 BP E73 Constantine