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Biotechnology as defined by Economic Development and Cooperation Organization is a multidisciplinary field of research and development par excellence. It is based on engineering to transform living and inert materials using biological agents to offer new methods and innovative products in order to fight debilitating and rare diseases, environment degradation Conventional industrial manufacturing processes, excessive consumption of energy, even the cleanest one…etc. 

Algeria is aware of the importance of these strategic stakes and the considerable spin-offs in this field to its development by setting up socio-economic and scientific objectives to develop health, environment, agriculture, and food industry sectors. The establishment of the National Biotechnology Research Center (C.R.Bt) was one of the institutional measures taken in the second research law of August 22, 1998. The center started its activities in May 2010; it acquired material and human resources necessary to its initial development to start its R&D activities and reach the following objectives:

-    Becoming an excellency national center in biotechnology
-    Contributing in finding solutions to national socio-economic problems.
-    Contributing to research training in order to stimulate creativity
-    Becoming a choice partner for the industrial sector.

To realize these goals, efforts should be done objectively, rationally and should be optimized in terms of quality. “Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance”.
Convinced of the importance of establishing an R&D of performance and Excellency, the C.R.Bt is engaged in young research actors’ accompaniment (engineers and researchers) to develop the necessary aptitudes for technology mastering and also to gain an entrepreneurial attitude. This requires willingness and collective commitment to implement a wealth-creating R & D strategy to contribute to national economy growth and sustainable development.

In this framework the Center offers necessary means to communicate with its administrative, scientific and industrial environment to set a platform to implement this strategy, with a real impact on The welfare of the citizen.   

PhD. Ammar Azioune


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