According to Article 6 of the inter-ministerial decree of January 15, 2013 concerning internal organization of the Biotechnology Research Center, the department is responsible for:

  • Developing Web resources to facilitate access and dissemination of information (together with the Department of external relations and valorization);
  • Working for the constitution and the establishment of a scientific database on biotechnology (together with the service external relations and communication and the research divisions); --Acquire, synthesize and disseminate all information related to the state of the biotechnology research art from relevant services (together with technology watch service);
  • Ensure management, maintenance and updating of computer systems, networks and databases;
  • Analyze the technological and technical environment and the economic impacts to deduce the development opportunities of applied research to meet the needs of the country (together with technology watch service);
  • Deliver quantified, objective and useful studies to develop a service delivery strategy tailored to the needs expressed by the institutions (jointly with valorization service);
  • Exploit any computer resource suitable for quality assurance and traceability of laboratory data;
  • Develop continuous improvement of the quality assurance system and establish a training plan for staff in charge.

The department is organized into three services "Virtual Documentation and Library ", "Management and network maintenance" and "Quality assurance and traceability of laboratory data."


Fostering a responsible and useful research reliable to the CRBt by facilitating access to relevant information in all its forms, optimizing its storage and dissemination and embodying the principles of quality assurance and traceability through computer tools integrated and adapted.





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  • Tel: +213 (31) 77 50 37/39
  • Fax: +213 (31) 77 50 36
  • Address: Centre de Recherche en Biotechnologie Ali Mendjli Nouvelle Ville UV 03 BP E73 Constantine