According to Article 4 of the inter-ministerial decree dated in January 15, 2013 concerning internal organization of the Biotechnology Research Center, the department is responsible for:

  • Ensuring collaboration with research institutions and companies in Algeria and abroad (together with the research divisions, including researchers benefiting from internships);
  • Participate in the search for sources of funding and technical support to national and international levels (together with the technology Watch service);
  • Ensure technology transfer from the center and to it;
  • Promote and disseminate the technical and scientific work and the center's research results (jointly with research divisions);
  • Work towards the establishment of a code for biotechnological origin products in the commercial register;
  • Advise on the drafting of a business plan;
  • Advise on agents for the purpose of drafting the national and international patent applications.

The department has two services "External Relations and Communication" and "Valorization of research results."


Promote the visibility, corporate image and the presence of the CRBt on national and international levels and boost communication and internal synergies of the institution to better take internal and external awareness of skills, values and contributions of CRBt in Algerian society and the international community.




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  • Tel: +213 (31) 77 50 37/39
  • Fax: +213 (31) 77 50 36
  • Address: Centre de Recherche en Biotechnologie Ali Mendjli Nouvelle Ville UV 03 BP E73 Constantine