In order to meet biotechnology research challenges in accordance with national and international ethics standards, the C.R.Bt established an Ethics Advisory Committee on the 8th October 2014. This committee is independent and its members are primarily external to the C.R.Bt. The main mission of the committee is to identify and discuss ethical issues that may arise when designing, conducting and/or promoting research projects carried out at the C.R.Bt or other institutions. The installation of an ethics committee at the Biotechnology Research Center is a remarkable opportunity for all staff and research partners for:

  • Identifying bioethical problems encountered in the design, conduct or valuation of research conducted at the C.R.Bt or other research institutions,
  • Encouraging reflection and promotion of human and animal welfare and respect for life,
  • Producing advice and general guidance in the light of case studies, specific questions or general topics related to research in the field of biotechnology and life sciences,
  • Educating the scientific community about the scope and ethical dimensions, and disseminating ideas and recommendations relating to these areas .


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