Mr. Saci Ahmed Abdelha-fidh- Wali of Constantine-, visited the C.R.Bt on the morning of 24/03/2020, indeed this working visit for strengthening the research axes and the development in Constantine as biotechnology's excellence pole.
This working session brought respectively:
Dr.Ammar Azioune: Director of the C.R.Bt;
Dr.Boualem Harfi: President of the Scientific Council;
Professeur. Abdelhamid Aberkane: President of the Consultative Committee on Ethics;
Professeur. Mohamed El Hadi Latreche: President of the Regional Conference of Eastern Universities.
During this meeting, a general overview of the C.R.Bt as well as its academic, industrial and societal environment and its re-search and development axes led by each division, was presented by its Director Dr. Azioune.
Taking into consideration the current circumstances of the country, the actions of the C.R.Bt were discussed to fight against COVID19. Mr. the Wali praised his actions and particularly that directly linked to the opening of the center and the mobilization of human and material resources to welcome the team of the Pasteur Institute in order to work in best conditions.
wali constantine au crbt pour accueillir l'institut pasteur