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The biotech industry in Algeria is in its infancy, ready to become an economic driver essential to the quest of innovative technologies in several areas, including medical, agricultural, environmental and bio-industrial. The biotechnology research programs at Constantine Biotechnology Center of Research are able to answer the industry critical needs by being particularly suited to collaborate and partner with organizations and institutions around the world including the United States and Europe. In return, these collaborators can provide the benefit of opening a window of collaborative and innovative research opportunities with Algeria. The Biotechnology Research Center of Constantine is committed to develop the country basic needs in the medical field and produce the next generation vaccines. In the agricultural sector, the Center is working to increase the food supply, reduce the use of pesticides, to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, such as water, nutriments, and increase the farmers’ economic revenue.


Biotechnology Research Center.


  • Biotechnology Research Center Ali Mendjli Nouvelle Ville

    UV 03 PO BOX E73 Constantine

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