PHd thesis in Biotechnology and Ecophysiology

BATNA University, Algeria.

Magister: Ecophysiology and plant biotechnology

Mentouri University of Constantine, Algeria.

Grade: Highest distinction.

Engineer diploma in Plant Ecology.

BATNA University

Grade: Highest distinction.


Permanent researcher

2012-TO DATE
Biotechnology Research Center- Constantine, ALGERIA

Substitute teacher

BATNA University at Biology department.


March 2015:Certificate of participation in the advanced trainer workshop delivered by Sandia National Laboratories.

From April 27, 2014 to now:Head of "Prospective analysis of biotechnology" department at Biotechnology Research Centre (C.R.Bt - Constantine).

November 2013:Training for 3 months in the Agricultural Research Council - Olive Growing and Oil Industry Research Centre, CRA-OLI under the scientific supervision of Dr. Innocenzo Muzzalupo.

May 2013:Certificate of achievement of Laboratory Biorisk Mitigation Strategies workshop delivered by The International Biological Threat Reduction department, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

May 2013:Certificate of completion: Transportation workshop including the class 6.2 dangerous shipping and general awareness and function specific training.

June 2012:Certificate of participation in the 3RD Annual Biological Safety AfBSA Conference "June 24th to 27th, 2012" and the 2nd Annual Conference "Biosafety and Biosecurity: building sustainable capacity 28-29 June" in Johannesburg, South Africa.

April 2012:Certificate of achievement of Biorisk Assessment Workshop delivered by The International Biological Threat Reduction department, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

2011:Trainee for 15 days at Prencess Haya Center of biotechnology, IRBID, JORDAN. About advanced PCR.

2008-2009:Trainee for eight month in the Developpement and Valorisation of Phytogenetiques Resssources Laboratory of Constantine University. Algeria.

2006:Trainee for 3 month in the Biology and environmental laboratory (in preparation of engineer diploma).


1. May 2015 : 6eme Conference internationale sur les Biotechnologie et la Science Alimentaire (ICBFS 2015) : A multidisciplinary method to characterize the Algerian Olive (Olea europaea L.)Cultivars.

2. S.Abdessemed, A.Abdessemed. Basics of Biorisk. Information days organized by the DGRSDT; 16-18 March, 2013, Sidi Belabbers, Algeria.

3. S.Abdessemed, D.Alatou. L'effet des hautes temperatures sur l'adaptation des semis du Cedre de l'Atlas en regions semi arides. 5eme Congres International de Biotechnologie de L'AMB et du 20eme Forum des Sciences Biologiques de l'ATSB ;22-25 March 2009, Tunisia.

4. S.Abdessemed, D.Alatou. Effet des basses temperatures sur l'adaptation des semis du Cedre de l'Atlas. 5eme Journees Biotechnologiques et 13eme congres de l'Association Africaine pour la fixation biologique de l'azote ; 15- 18 December 2008, Hammamet, Tunisia.


S.Abdessemed, I.Muzzalupo, H.Benbouza: Assessment of genetic diversity among Algerian olive (Olea europaea L.) Cultivars using SSR marker. Scienta Horticulture 192 (2015)10- 20.


September 2012: Biorisk Management Advisor Development and Twinning Program; twining program between CRBt, Algeria-Maryland University, USA: Increase perception of safety at CRBt laboratory by development, implementation and training on standard operatory procedures and emergency plans.
2011: Member in CRBt Project;
  • Etude de la diversite genetique de quelques varietes locales de Ficus carica L. cultives en Algerie
  • Valorisation des sous-produits de l'oleiculture "cas des grignons d'olive" pour l'elimination des polluants organiques (eg. les colorants).
2010: Member in national Project research "PNR"; Etude de la diversite genetique d'espece d'interet fruitier Olea europeae L. : Caracterisation, identification et valorisation des ecotypes locaux.
2009: Magister Project; Behavior of seedlings of Atlas cedar in conditions of heat stress.
2006: Engineer project; Assessment of metal content of soil and leaves of plants of the Ruhmel River borders (Constantine).