PhD in physical chemistry

Mohamed BOUDIAF University, M'sila. Algeria

PhD thesis: Theoretical study of the haptotropic rearrangements p-s of the fragments M(CO)3;

Diploma of Magister in Analytical Chemistry and Environment

BADJI Mokhtar University; Annaba; Algeria

Magister thesis, entitled: REGRESSION (LAD) ; DIFFERENT APPROACHES ;

  • m Adjustment and b until convergence;
  • Wesolowesky direct descent method;
  • New Li algorithm.

Diploma of higher studies in chemistry

Freres MENTOURI University, Constantine, Algeria

High school diploma in natural science and life



Permanent Researcher

Since 2012
Biotechnology Research Center- Constantine, ALGERIA

Temporary professor assistant

Higher Normal School of Constantine

Module Science of matter

Temporary professor assistant

University of BATNA

module "Thermodynamics"

Laboratory Operator

Middle school MEHDADI Rabeh

Temporary teacher

primary school "Iben Aiach" Constantine


2012: Training in Bioinformatics, CARI 2012 at the CERIST Center, Alger;

2012: Training on geostatistical tools in precision agriculture at University of BATNA

2012: Workshop on research paper authorship and English technical writing at Freres MENTOURI University, Constantine.


M.A.Dems, S.Laib, N.Latelli, N.Ouddai, Data analysis of organometallic estradiol derivatives by chemometrics tools, the first National Seminar of Mathematics, Freres MENTOURI University, Constantine, December 13, 2016.

M.A.Dems, S.Laib, N.Latelli, N.Ouddai, QSAR and DFT study of estradiol organometallic derivatives, 1st International Symposium of Animal Ecophysiology and Biodiversity (CIEAB 2016) House of science, USTHB, Algiers, 22 and 23 November 2016.

M.A.Dems, S.Laib, N.Latelli, N.Ouddai, QSAR and DFT study of organometallic estradiol drifts, International Seminar on Biotechnology applied to; AGRICULTURE, HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Abbes Laghrour University of Khenchela, 17-19 April 2016.


M.A.Dems, N.Latelli, N.Ouddai, The Relation between Haptotropic Rearrangements and RBA in Estradiol Complexed, jchps. 8(2) (2015)233-238.

S.Lebaala, M.A.Dems, N.Ouddai, A predictive study of titanocene dichloride derivatives activity inside DFT ,Der Pharmacia Lettre,7 (5) (2015)307-312

M.A.Dems, S.Laib, N.Latelli, N.Ouddai,A DFT-based Quantitative structure activity relationship Study of organometallic estradiol derivatives, jchps,10 (1) (2017) 483-487


Member in the CNEPRU project "Mechanistic study of Haptotropic Rearrangements Intramolecular cycling and protonation" CODE N E05620140050
Co-supervisor of the doctoral thesis of Mr. BOUCHEKIOU Saad entitled: theoretical study of the coordination of chelating ligands in lanthanides