PhD student

7th year, University of Bejaia, Algeria

magister in biology

University of Bejaia (Algeria).

option: analysis of environment and biodiversity

State Engineer in Ecology and Environment

University of Bejaia (Algeria).

Option: Pathology of terrestrial ecosystems.

Bachelor of Natural Science

High School Barbacha (Bejaia, Algeria).


Biotechnology Research Center- Constantine, ALGERIA.

Since 2012
  • Permanant researcher

  • Hani, BOUYAHMED, Nabil, CHARCHAR and LEHOUT Amel. "Phytosociological characterization of plant groups in an abandoned mine (Skikda-Algeria)". International Biotechnology Days organized by the Tunisian Biotechnology Association ATBT, Mahdia-Tunisia. On 19-22 / 12 // 2012.

  • Participation at the 2nd Euro-Mediterranean International Seminar on "Spatial planning, risk management and civil security". Batna. On 25-26-27 / 09 / 2012.-Organizer National Assize on Biotechnology C.R.BT on the 09, 10 and 11 June 2013.

  • Participation in the forum of recycling technologies of organic waste "Organic waste recycling for the production of Biofertilizer" organized by the ANVREDT. Alger. On 16 and 17 February 2014

  • Supervision of students (4th year Ecology and Environment) in the field for an inventory and identification of the coastal flora of eastern coast of Bejaia

  • Participation in training students of 4th year Ecology and Environment in the field for winter count of coastal birds east coast of Bejaia.

  • Co-sponsor of a memory DUE in Plant Biology entitled Contribution to the analysis of the vascular flora of three island communities in the west coast of Jijel.

  • Responsible for Environmental Studies in a diagnostic study of ecological and environmental expertise office


03/2009 au 05/2010: Practical training in the framework of achieving a magister in biology of Memory "Diversity and characterization of the island's flora Jijel west coast."

02/2008: Enumeration of wetland birds conducted respectively at Lake Maiziaia (PNG), the La goon and Tamalaht Oued Sommam (Bejaia, Algeria).

03-04/2007: Conducting a survey of tourists to Tikjda (Djurdjuran-Bouira-Algeria National Park), in the framework of the implementation of a State Engineer Memory in Ecology and Environment.

06/2006: Blocked internship as ground surveys conducted in the Taza National Park (Jijel- Algeria) for the observation and study of diseases of terrestrial ecosystems.


Riadh, Moulai. Hani, BOUYAHMED. Diversity and ecology of the flora of some insular environment of Algeria. 3rd International Congress on Plant Diversity. Held in Marrakech on 9-11 October 2015.

Hani, BOUYAHMED. Lyes, AISSAT. And MOULAI, Riadh. Action of the Gulls leucouphee on the diversity and the state of the vegetation of the islet of Tigzirt. 3rd International Symposium on Algerian Ornithology, organized by the research laboratory: biology, water and environment. University of Guelma, 19-20 April 2015.

Hani, BOUYAHMED. And MOULAI, Riadh. Impact of colonies of breeding seabirds on the diversity and organization of island phytocenoses in the Bejaia region. 1st International Colloquium on Biodiversity and Wetlands El-Tarf on 26, 27, 28 and 29 May 2014.

02-03/2013: Bouyahmed Hani. Aissat Lyes and Moulai Riadh. Impact of colonies yellow-legged gulls on the diversity and organization of plant communities in the island Jijel (Jijel, Algeria). 1st national symposium on wetlands (cnzh1) m'sila 02 and February 3, 2013.

19-20-21-22/12/ 2012: BOUYAHMED Hani. AIBOUT Farid. LEHOUT Amel. MOSBAH-RACHED and FARGANI Mounia. Phytosociological characterization of metal plant communities of abandoned mine (Sidi Kamber, Umm toub-Skikda). International Days of biotechnology organized by the Tunisian Association of Biotechnology ATBT, Mahdia Tunisia on 19-22/2012.

25-26-27/09/2012: BOUYAHMED Hani. Towards Geomatics risk to understand how to reduce their vulnerabilities territories "2nd International Euro-Mediterranean Seminar" Planning, risk management and civil security, Batna, Algeria the 25-27-09/2012.

15-18/10/2011: AISSAT Lyes., BOUYAHMED Hani and MOULAI Riadh. Overview of faunal diversity Petit Cavallo (Jijel, Algeria) island. First Mediterranean Conference on Biodiversity and Ecology of Animal Health. Annaba-Algeria the 15-18/2011.

17-18/05/2011: AISSAT Lyes., BOUYAHMED Hani and Riadh MOULAI. Analysis of the entomological diversity Cavallo Grand Island (Jijel, Algeria). 2nd Maghreb Seminar on Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development (GRNDD) "to better manage better optimize" Sidi Bel Abbas Algeria on 17-18 May 2011.

19-21/04/2010: Riadh MOULAI. Abdelaziz Franck BOUGAHAM., Malaaz KEBBI. Lyes AISSAT and Hani BOUYAHMED. Synthesis of a winter count of coastal birds east coast of Bejaia. National Days of Zoology Agriculture and Forestry organized by the Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique (ENA) El-Harrach, Algeria on 19-21/2010.


04-08/05/2010 Samira Hanafi-BENHAMICHE, Hani BOUYAHMED, Abdelaziz BOUGAHAM et Riadh MOULAI. Qualitative study of the vascular flora of tree insular environments concerning the west coast of Jijel (Island Grand Cavallo, Island Petit Cavallo and islet Grand Cavallo) (Algeria). Proceeding in the international conference on the "Conservation and sustainable use of Wild Plant diversity" organized by the Institute of Theology and Ecology of the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) and held at the OAC Kalympari, Greece. The 04-08/05/2010

Amel LEHOUT, Nabil CHARCHAR, Heidar NORRINE et Hani BOUYAHMED (2017) Heavy metals impact on plant communities' distribution in an abandoned mining area (Skikda-Algeria). Carpathian journal of earth and environment sciences, Vol 13, N 1 (2018).


From 05/03/2012 to date
  • Biotechnology Research Centre, New Town Ali Mendjeli, Constantine- Algeria. Member of a research project entitled: determination of accumulating species and optimization of the power in the process of soil remediation of the mining area Oum toub (skikda-Algeria).

  • Project leader entitled: "optimization of the bio-accumulative capacity of heavy metals by the plant-bacteria association in the processes of soil pollution control in a mining area (Oum toub-skikda)".